Borne Gourmet Olive Oil

Creating a Compelling Brand

Borne Gourmet Olive Oil Medley

The brand identity for Borne Gourmet Olive Oil is a visual masterpiece. It features an elegant yet bold design with the brand name “Borne,” encapsulating the essence of this premium olive oil. The bottle design exudes sophistication, with a sleek and modern appearance that showcases the rich, golden hue of the olive oil, making it an enticing addition to any kitchen.

As a female-owned company, we’ve poured our passion and dedication into every detail, ensuring that Borne stands out as a symbol of elegance and bold femininity, and our logo proudly reflects this. The design is not just a mark; it’s a statement – an emblem of the female spirit that infuses our brand with a unique energy and flair.



Product Design

3 Distinct Flavours, 3 Distinct Designs

Embark on this culinary journey and experience the gourmet excellence of Borne Gourmet Olive Oil with Fresh Olives, a name synonymous with the art of fine dining and the heart of Italy.

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