Brand Identity and Social Media Management

Branding and Logo Designing

At Unblur, we crafted a fresh and modern brand identity for 2 Ounces Cocktail Bar. We’ve reimagined the core of their essence while creating an engaging online platform using WordPress. Our goal was to capture the true spirit of 2 Ounces Bar in a concise yet powerful website that effortlessly showcases its unique offerings and inviting atmosphere. 

Social Media Management

We have boosted 2 Ounces Bar’s online presence by creating quality content that is relevant to their audience. Our posts tell a great story about their unique drinks and cozy atmosphere. Like how all the ingredients come together perfectly in a tasty cocktail, our social media plan and actions work together smoothly to share the true feeling of 2 Ounces Bar with a special touch.


Social Media Posts

Instagram Posts Feed for 2 Ounces

Brand Identity

I have crafted a distinctive brand identity and business card design for 2 Ounces Bar. We’ve given their brand a fresh and memorable look that represents their essence. Our goal was to capture the unique feel of 2 Ounces Bar in a simple and powerful design that stands out.